Innovation IoT solutions

Monitoring, Controlling & Automating in many industries

What is Sensmart?

Sensmart is developing an IoT hardware & software platform for responding to the needs of monitoring, controlling & automating in many industries. It’s User-friendly and saves your money.

Cloud-based Software Platform

Sensmart IoT Software platform is an independent product so Smart Sensors customers can have their devices on our platform and integrate all devices in one place


Doesn't have a special gateway or valid IP, it's very easy to use and install.

Cutting the costs

with our modular design and using new technologies. You can spend less.


Temperature Smart Sensor

For recording and monitoring temperature is the best choice. Sensmart Hub with temperature sensors is a cloud-based monitoring and alarm system. Different parameters such as measurement intervals, upload intervals, minimum and maximum allowed temperature, and humidity thresholds can be set by using Sensmart web-based and the mobile application. The device sends notifications and text messages when necessary and records every parameter over time. Which later can be accessed through the app.

Greenhouse Smart Monitoring system

For measurement and monitoring soil moisture, temperature, and humidity in greenhouses we recommend our Greenhouse Smart Monitoring system, This device record temperature and moisture of soil based on soil electric conductivity and record it in preset intervals. Data is recorded and monitored on Sensmart web-based or mobile applications. If it’s defined in the application at predefined temperature or moisture app would send out a notification. By using the Greenhouse Smart Monitoring system, environmental conditions are constantly monitored and recorded. Also, this device can control the fan or humidifier and optimize irrigation.


What Can you do with Sensmart?

Senswart is applicable for any situation that monitoring and controlling are essential.

Some examples: